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Say good morning to America’s favorite little Os. Always oats.

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Good goes around

From your first finger food, to helping lower cholesterol, Cheerios™ has touched the lives, and breakfasts, of millions by spreading heart-healthy cheer since 1941.

Food That matters

We put the best ingredients in every bite so that everyone can enjoy a bowl of Cheerios™.

  • 100% whole grain oats

  • Real honey

  • Gluten free

Always oats since 1941

Cheerios™ was introduced on May 1, 1941, as CheeriOats. Then in 1945 it was shortened to Cheerios™. Since then, the name has remained unchanged and so have the whole-grain oats in every bowl. Today, these tasty little Os are one of the most iconic cereal brands in the U.S.

Did you know?
  • The importance of whole grains

    Nine out of 10 Americans don’t get the recommended three servings of whole grain each day.

  • Farm to bowl

    Cheerios™ partners with local farms to bring you the very best oats.

Cheerios’ Passions
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