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Food we make

From our brands that are baked into history, to ones you have yet to meet, we make food the world loves.

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Joy to people and pets everywhere

We put so much love into the food we make; whether it’s the first meal of the day or afterschool snacks, dessert for a crowd or dinner for your fur babies.

Food for families around the world

Our brands meet you where you are. Whether that means taking on a healthier lifestyle, becoming a baking expert or food for your fur-baby, it’s not a stretch to say that with more than 100 brands worldwide, we have something for everyone.

Discover products that are crafted to meet the needs of all families everywhere, like quick dinners, carb-conscious or gluten-free snacks, healthful pet food, lunch-room worthy meals and quick dinners.


Our people are at the heart of everything we make.

A child looking up with only two bottom teeth showing through their smile


We make food that’s fun and delicious to eat.

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Good food should be accessible and affordable for all.

Nature Valley granola on yogurt


Many of our products are designed with nutrition and healthy lifestyles in mind.

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