Our food

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We’ve been “foodies” for more than 150 years.

Our approach to food is simple. We start with high-quality ingredients. We create the best-tasting recipes. We make our food to perfection.


In fiscal 2020, 43% of General Mills global volume met the company’s internal criteria as “Nutrition-Forward Foods.” Learn more about our global health reporting.

The people behind our brands are people like you, who bring their passion to work.

Food preferences

One out of every 10 products in our North American portfolio is certified organic or made with organic ingredients.

Food safety

100 percent of our facilities worldwide are audited and/or certified by third parties using globally recognized food safety criteria.

Labeling and marketing

Compliance with global industry front-of-pack calorie labeling; commitment to responsible marketing.


We are committed to increasing transparency and helping you understand what's in your food.

That's why we're are putting more information in more places.