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A public health program

General Mills is a leading manufacturer of federally WIC-eligible foods.

Among the popular brands that help WIC families meet the nutrition goals set by the WIC program are:

More than 250 of our products meet the rigorous nutrition requirements of the WIC program.

  • Cascadian Farm™
  • Cheerios™
  • Chex™
  • Kix™
  • Muri Glen™
  • Progresso™
  • Yoplait™

Supporting WIC’s mission

In addition to food, General Mills develops and provides free nutrition education resources for WIC health professionals to share with participants.

General Mills WIC-eligible foods

Breakfast cereal

General Mills has more than two dozen cereals eligible for WIC.
Each cereal meets rigorous WIC nutrition requirements, making them federally WIC eligible.
That means “whole” is the first ingredient listed on the package label.

  • Cheerios™ (original)
  • MultiGrain Cheerios™
  • Kix™ Honey
  • Kix™ Berry Berry
  • Kix™
  • Rice Chex™
  • Corn Chex™
  • Cinnamon Chex™
  • Blueberry Chex™
  • Vanilla Chex™
  • Wheat Chex™
  • Fiber One™ Honey Clusters
  • Wheaties
  • Total Whole Grain


Yoplait™, Mountain High™ and Liberté™ – over 150 delicious yogurts to help ensure participants meet their calcium needs.
There are various flavors and package sizes.

  • Yoplait™ and Mountain High™: 32-ounce tubs and multipacks are the perfect fit for WIC.
  • Yoplait™ Original and Mountain High™: 32-ounce tubs are fortified with Vitamin D.
  • Mountain High™: 32-ounce tubs come in non-fat, low-fat and whole-fat options.

Fruits & Vegetables

General Mills has over 80 products that qualify for the WIC programs.
These products include:

  • Cascadian Farm™ (frozen)
  • Muir Glen™ (canned and jarred)

Each helps to increase consumption of fruit & vegetables.


Beans offer important nutrients including protein, fiber, folate, and potassium.
Busy lifestyles make canned beans the perfect way to encourage consumption of this important food group.
Progresso™ has six bean varieties that meet WIC requirements.